5 Ways to Show Sympathy If You Can’t Attend Funeral Home Services

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Do you want to express your sympathy to a family member or friend who just lost a loved one? The best possible way to do it is by making an appearance at a Weslaco, TX funeral home during a viewing or funeral to show your sympathy in person. They’ll really appreciate you making the effort to be supportive during their tough time.  

If you can’t show up in person, though, there are also a variety of other ways you can express your sympathy to your family member or friend. Take a look at 5 ways to show your sympathy if you can’t attend funeral home services.  

Make a phone call or send an email to your family member or friend. 

If there’s no possible way for you to attend funeral services in Weslaco, TX so that you can show your family member or friend sympathy, a phone call or email is the next best thing. There’s a good chance they’re being inundated with phone calls and emails at the moment, so keep your call or email brief. But let them know you’re thinking about them and that you’re there for them if they need you for anything.  

Send a bouquet of flowers to the funeral home. 

In addition to calling or emailing your family member or friend, you should also consider sending a bouquet of beautiful flowers to the funeral home where the funeral services are being held. Whether you choose to go with lilies, carnations, or something else, the flowers will show your sympathy and help brighten up the funeral home a little during a difficult period of time.  

Donate money to the deceased person’s favorite charity. Weslaco, TX funeral home

There are many families that will ask people not to send flowers to a funeral home. Instead, they’ll ask them to make donations to the deceased person’s favorite charity or a charity that is near and dear to the entire family’s heart. If this request is made, please try your best to honor it. Make a donation in the deceased person’s name as a way to pay tribute to them and their family.  

Provide food for the family of the deceased. 

There is so much that families need to do following the death of a loved one. Unfortunately, that means they don’t always get to eat as often as they should. Help your family member or friend out with this problem by providing them with food as they prepare to lay their loved one to rest. You can make them a meal on your own or arrange for a catered meal to be delivered directly to their home.  

Pray for the family on the day of the funeral. 

If nothing else, you can show your sympathy for your family member or friend by offering up your prayers to them on the day of their loved one’s funeral. Your support will bring some comfort to them and help them as they go through the grieving process.  

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