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Get to know the McCaleb Funeral Home & Sacred Park Cemetery team, dedicated to helping you honor your loved one, with years of experience caring for families from all walks of life. We are, available 24/7, via email, phone or text. Our team is patient, compassionate, professional and always available.


Mr. Mark B. McCaleb

Funeral Director, Owner

Locations: Sacred Park Cemetery (Mercedes) & McCaleb Funeral Home (Weslaco)

Mark was born and raised in Weslaco, TX, where he grew up with three brothers, Charles who passed away in 1998, Harold, and George. Mark graduated high school from Marine Military Academy and attended mortuary school in Houston, where he earned his embalming and funeral directors license from the College of Commonwealth in Houston.

Mark’s grandfather, Fred Sr. purchased the funeral home from Weldon Martin in 1963. His father, Fred Jr. ran the funeral home for many years and later sold to Mark.

In the meantime, Mark started Sacred Park Cemetery and Crematory and now is involved in managing Sacred Park Cemetery & Crematory and McCaleb Funeral Home.


Mark and wife, Carla, have three boys, Bradley, Riley and Patrick, who were also born and raised in Weslaco. Mark is very involved in the community and serves on the Ambulance Board, Aurora House, Weslaco City Board of Appeals, and is the current chair for Weslaco 100, which is the celebration of Weslaco’s birthday, taking place in December 2019.

Mark prides himself on his integrity and service to families in need. He attends annual seminars and has recently attended ICCFA University where he became certified as a Funeral Celebrant.

Mrs. Carla McCaleb

Funeral Director, Owner

[email protected]

Carla was born in Weslaco, TX and raised in Donna, where she grew up with three brothers, Alan, John, and Daryl, and one sister, Kara. She graduated high school in Donna and earned a BA in Marketing at Pan American University. When she and husband, Mark purchased the funeral home, she earned her funeral director’s license from the College of Commonwealth in Houston.

Carla serves on the board of the Weslaco Chamber of Commerce, has been a Chamber Ambassador for many years and is a member of the Weslaco Literary Review Club. She attended Leadership Mid Valley in 2008 and has completed numerous marathons and half marathons, including Boston, New York, and Washington DC, to name a few.

Carla saw a need for grief support and has held a local grief support group on the first Thursday of each month since 2016. She is passionate about helping families during their time of need and beyond and is open to ideas of how to improve the support group.

Mr. George Sanchez

Funeral Director

George was born in Stanton, Texas and now lives in Mercedes with his beautiful wife Jennifer. They have two grown children, son, Alex and daughter, Miranda and both enjoy serving the community. When Jennifer is not working at First Community Bank in her hometown of Harlingen, you will likely find her helping George on nights and weekends.

George became a licensed funeral director and embalmer in 1989 and has been serving families since. He loves his job, is professional, caring, and compassionate. George is an excellent communicator and will answer any questions you might have, any time of the day or night.

Ms. Josie Montes

Administrative Assistant/Greeter

Josie was born and raised in Weslaco with her six brothers and four sisters.

She has three children.

Josie has worked in many industries, from running her own business, to administrative assistant at Security Depot and Woodcrafters. She is a team player and helps in any aspect she is needed. She may take your payment at Sacred Park Cemetery in the morning and greet you at McCaleb Funeral Home the same night.

Josie is caring and compassionate and willing to help with anything you need.

Mr. Horace Caldwell


Horace has been living in Donna, Texas for the past 50 years. He is married to Flo Caldwell and they have one daughter, Lisa, and two grandchildren.

Horace retired from the banking business, where he had served as President of Citizen’s State Bank for many years. Since he loves people, he decided to become a greeter at the funeral home, over 20 years ago. Many will remember his caring personality as you enter the doors. He is a hard worker and loves to stay busy. Horace will never tire of listening to your stories and honoring your loved ones.

Mr. Jonathan Daryl Smith

Headstone Designer 

[email protected]

Daryl was born and raised in Weslaco, with his older brother Bryan, twin sister, Britni, and baby sister Summer. His parents are Daryl and Cindi Smith and are very active in the community.
Daryl received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Texas in Edinburg and has been using his graphic design skills at McCaleb Funeral Home for nearly six years.
He loves children and is a talented artist. He will design a unique headstone for your loved one that you will treasure for many years to come.

Ms. Vicky Ortiz

Office Manager

[email protected]

Vicky’s pleasant phone greeting is the first assurance to families that McCaleb Funeral Home is here to help, however, and whenever you need. She is an excellent communicator, very organized, and can handle just about any task that is asked of her.  She is accurate, knowledgeable, and reassuring, a combination of skills not easy to find in one person.

Her passion is serving families; she views her job as a position of care and compassion.

Vicky was born and raised in Weslaco where she graduated from Weslaco High School and attended South Texas College. In her free moments, Vicky spends time with her tight-knit family of three older brothers, two older sisters and her fourteen-year-old son, Andy.

She serves as the primary consultant in the creative development of informational pamphlets, funeral screen information, event and funeral programs, tribute video, etc.

Vicky has been serving our families since 2014 as an asset to our team.

Mr. Ricardo Olmedo

Funeral Superintendent

Ricardo was born in Weslaco and raised in Donna with his parents, Benito and Tella, and his two sisters.

Ricardo has been serving our families for over six years and is very caring and compassionate. He takes great pride in his job and is one of the most respectful gentlemen you will ever meet.

Ricardo helps in various aspects of the business, but the cleanliness of the facilities and timeliness of set up at the church and cemetery are due to his organization and strong work ethic. No matter how busy things are, Ricardo keeps things running smooth and neat.

When you notice Ricardo missing, he is serving his country in the U.S. Marine Reserves.

Locations: Sacred Park Cemetery (Mercedes) & McCaleb Funeral Home (Weslaco)

Ms. Linda Ortiz

Sales Counselor

[email protected]

Linda was born and raised in Weslaco, along with her 7 sisters and 2 brothers. She is part of a tight knit family with deep roots in the community.

She graduated from Weslaco High and attended The University of Texas Pan American where she majored in Social Work.

Linda has always loved serving her community. She spent many years working at the Weslaco Chamber of Commerce where she helped local businesses network and grow while gaining experience in sales and marketing.  Linda always knew that she wanted to help people so she was able to use her education in social work to gain employment in a  Government Program aiming to help less fortunate families.

Linda joined our team in 2015 and found out how much she enjoyed helping others before, during and after the loss of a loved one. Having lost both of her parents, she realized the value, not only financial but emotional, gift that her parents left the family in pre-arranging their service.

Linda will help your family with funeral and cemetery arrangements and become a trusted friend along the way.

Mrs. Bernie McCaleb

Aftercare Consultant

Bernie McCaleb was married to the late Fred McCaleb for over 50 years. She is the mother of Mark McCaleb. She has two sons, George and Harold, and seven grandchildren.

Having experienced great loss herself, Bernie is passionate about helping our families make it thru the seemingly impossible journey of grief. Bernie lost her firstborn son, Charles, in 1998 and her husband, Fred, in 2015. Throughout her grieving, Bernie always kept her faith.

Bernie assists in our monthly grief support groups and is a real asset to our team. She listens with great empathy and is kind and understanding. Bernie is very involved in her church, St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, and will pray for anyone who is in need.

Come join our grief support and let her give you some care and comfort.

Mr. Pat Moses

Crematory Operator

Pat moved to Alamo in 2002 when he fell in love with his beautiful wife, Debra. We are blessed that this internet marriage was a success because he has been a great friend and asset.

Pat has been operating Sacred Park Crematory for the past ten years. He has a deep respect and compassion for the deceased. Your loved one will be in excellent care when they arrive at Sacred Park Crematory. Pat will arrange for a private viewing and a professional and timely return of your loved ones remains.

Mr. Saul Martinez

Cemetery Caretaker

Saul was born in Mexico and is a proud husband to his beautiful wife, Maria Teresa and has three children.

Saul works tirelessly to make sure Sacred Park Cemetery is well maintained. He is caring and compassionate and has been an asset to our families.

Saul has been caring for Sacred Park since 2015. He has a green thumb and he is a very hard worker.

When Saul is not at Sacred Park, he enjoys singing and playing instruments. He is also a mechanic and can fix just about anything.

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