Clearing Up the Most Common Misconceptions About Cremations

Mercedes, TX cremations

Cremation has become more and more popular over the course of the last 20 years. As of 2018, roughly 50 percent of people are choosing to be cremated at the end of their lives. And yet, there are still so many misconceptions that surround Mercedes, TX cremations. These misconceptions confuse those who might be considering cremation as a viable option.  

If you’re confused about cremation in any way, we would like to clear up some of the most common misconceptions that surround cremations for you. It should shed some light on what cremation really is and, more importantly, what it isn’t. Continue reading to learn the truth about cremations.  

  1. All religions are against cremations.

Many people will shoot down the idea of cremation services in Mercedes, TX simply because they’re under the impression that their religion won’t allow it. But in reality, there are lots of religions that have come around to the idea of cremation over the last few decades. Jewish and Islamic people still aren’t permitted to utilize cremation due to their beliefs. But many Christian denominations now allow cremation, and even the Catholic Church has cosigned cremation at this point.  

  1. Those people who are cremated can’t have a funeral service.

Are you worried about not being able to have a funeral service if you choose to be cremated? Don’t let it stress you out. When you’re cremated, you can have any kind of service you want. Some families will choose to hold a traditional funeral for a loved one before having them cremated. Others will opt to have cremation done first before holding a celebration of life ceremony.  

  1. The cremation process results in a person being turned into ashes.

The word “ashes” has been associated with cremations for a long time now. As a result, many people think that a person’s body is actually turned into ashes during cremation. This isn’t true. Cremation actually results in cremated remains, which is bone matter that has been broken down. These remains can be stored in an urn after cremation is complete. The rest of a person’s body is incinerated during the cremation process.  

  1. You could end up with bits of someone else’s cremated remains following cremation.

As long as you work with a reputable funeral home, there is absolutely no chance that your loved one’s remains with get mixed in with someone else’s remains during cremation. Crematories go to great lengths to make sure that their facilities are cleaned properly following cremations. This will prevent your loved one’s remains from commingling with the remains of another person.  

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