How to Honor Someone Who Died by Making a Charitable Donation

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When a person passes away, many of their close friends, neighbors, coworkers, and others will send gifts and flowers to Edcouch, TX funeral homes for their family. These gifts are meant to provide grieving families with a sign of love and support.

But you should know that you don’t have to send a sympathy gift to a person’s family in the aftermath of their death. There are also other ways to pay your respects to them. For example, you can make a charitable donation in their name. Here is how to honor someone who died by making a donation.

Start by reading a person’s obituary.

The first thing you should do after deciding that you want to make a charitable donation to pay tribute to a deceased person is read their obituary. Often times, their family will indicate where they would like any donations that are made to go. They’ll often choose a charity that was either important to their loved one or that supports a cause that will benefit those living with a condition that may have lead to their death. It’s a good starting point for those interested in making a charitable donation.

Ask their family members if they have a charity they want people to support.

If you read a person’s obituary and you don’t see a charity that you can donate to mentioned, your next step should be to speak with the person’s family to see if they have a charity that they want people to support following their loved one’s death. The charity may have been inadvertently left out of the obituary during funeral planning in Edcouch, TX or there may just have not been enough room for it. It doesn’t hurt to ask the family for suggestions.

Consider what the deceased would have wanted.

If a person’s family doesn’t have a specific charity picked out, you should feel free to try and find one on your own. Think about what your deceased family member or friend would have wanted in this case. For example, if they spent their whole life rescuing dogs, donating to the local animal shelter might be the right move for you to make. Or if they battled cancer to the very end before succumbing to it, donating to a charity that is working to find a cure for cancer might be your best option. Put some thought into it to see what you can come up with.

Make a donation within your means.

Once you know which charity you’re going to donate to, feel free to make a donation to it. Just make sure you donate within your means. The deceased would not have wanted you to put yourself into financial straits to make a donation, even if it is a donation to a good cause. Work with whatever extra money you can find. No matter how big your donation is, it will be appreciated!

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