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Progreso, TX

Cremations and Funerals: Planning Advice from a Funeral Home in Progreso, TX

Progreso, TX Funeral Home And Cremations

When you are facing the task of planning a funeral, it is essential that you have a supportive team to help every step of the way. It can be a challenge to work through the details while you are managing your grief. But, you don’t need to carry the responsibility by yourself. Our funeral home offers a wide range of services in Progreso, TX, helping to reduce your stress during this difficult time.

At McCaleb Funeral Home, we offer the caring services that you need to create a beautiful day to remember the person you have lost. Whether you are going to have a traditional funeral or you want an alternative plan, we are here to assist. Our team offers a wide range of services, including both cemetery burial and cremations.

Here are a few things that you need to consider when you are preparing for an upcoming funeral:

Local Funeral Home

You don’t want to do a lot of traveling during this time of grief, so it makes sense to choose a local funeral home. Having these funeral services close to home means that you can lean on the experience of a funeral team that understands the area. We have a convenient funeral home location that you can use for the event if you would like. Or, we are happy to support funeral services in a church or another location if that is the preference of the family.

Additionally, you can talk to us about the burial options that are available. The local cemetery offers a great place for the body to be laid to rest. You can choose a burial plot and headstone that will give you a place to visit after the funeral is complete.

Not only do we provide the traditional graveside services, but you can also choose cremations if you prefer. These services are always customized to match your preferences. For example, you might choose to have a funeral service followed by the cremation. Or, the cremation can be completed first so that you can have an urn on display at the event. Some families don’t want to have the discomfort of attending a funeral or memorial, so they choose a direct cremation without a service instead.

Cremation Options

If you choose that cremation is the right answer for your family, then you need to consider where the ashes will be kept after the cremation is complete. Some families want to have a place to visit in the cemetery, so the ashes are buried in the family plot. You can choose to have a graveside service with the burial if you prefer.

Cremated ashes don’t need to be buried in the cemetery. If you prefer, you can keep the urn at home as a small memorial that is close to your family. Or, you can choose a location where the ashes can be scattered.

Do you want to create life when saying goodbye to someone that you love? Have the ashes buried with a tree that is planted. Or, you can create a memorial garden where the ashes are scattered. These unique plans offer a beautiful way to pay tribute to show your love for the person.

Customizing Funeral Services

The most important thing that you should remember is that you have the freedom to customize the funeral services in any way that meets the needs of your family. This event is a chance to show that you care. So, look for small ways that you can incorporate the personality of your loved one.

For example, you might play games or plan a tailgate party if the person loved to watch sports. Or, schedule a day on the greens if the family enjoys golfing together. Other small tributes might be added to the funeral or graveside service, such as ice cream or a balloon release. Serve the person’s favorite food and drinks at a luncheon in their honor.

You can choose the d├ęcor or details that will highlight the personality of your loved one. Find ways to showcase their successes or life achievements while giving friends and family an opportunity to share their memories.

Is Pre-Planning Right for You?

Have you considered the benefits of pre-planning? Even though you don’t have a funeral date set, you can talk to our team about the details of the day. We will write down your preferences, helping to reduce the burden when it is time to schedule the funeral.

Many families find it challenging to plan a funeral while dealing with the grief. So, pre-planning can provide the relief that is needed during this difficult time.

If you are planning a funeral or cremation in Progreso, TX, then you need to talk to the experts here at McCaleb Funeral Home. We invite you to visit our funeral home at 900 W. 4th St., Weslaco, TX. 78596. Call to schedule a consultation: (956) 968-7533


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