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Weslaco, TX

Funeral Home Tips: Planning Funerals or Cremations in Weslaco, TX

Weslaco, TX Funeral Home And Cremations

You can count on the professional care team at McCaleb Funeral Home to serve your family with utmost dignity and respect. We serve all faiths, offering the most complete funeral, burial, and cremation services, with new facilities, at a very affordable price. We provide personalized funerals and cremations for families in Weslaco TX and nearby areas.

McCaleb Funeral Home and the McCaleb family, have been serving for over 50 years with quality, excellence, and integrity. It is our mission to provide a comfortable and meaningful way for your family to grieve your loss and celebrate the memory of your loved one. Our dedicated and compassionate team will be here before, during and after your loss with grief support and remembrance services.

Send us a message via our contact form or call (956) 968-7533 for immediate assistance.

Where should you turn if you need to plan a funeral or cremation for a loved one? Not only are you struggling with the grief of losing someone that you care about, but you also need to make the tough decisions about the big event. Whether you are planning an intimate gathering or a big event with extended family and friends, our team at McCaleb Funeral Home is here to assist.

Our services are available for families in Weslaco, TX and all of the nearby cities. We understand the challenges that you face when you need to plan this important day. So, our team will listen to your questions and find the right answers to ensure that it is a memorable event.

How to Start Planning a Funeral

If you need to start a funeral plan, then the best thing that you can do is choose a funeral home for assistance. You can work through some of the details at home, but you will find it easier to put together an effective plan when you have the assistance of a funeral director.

An experienced funeral home understands the unique considerations that need to be addressed for cremations and funerals. Since we have been through this process many times, we have detailed checklists that can be used to be sure that important elements aren’t overlooked.

The first step is to schedule a consultation with our funeral home. We will discuss the services that are offered, helping you hand-pick the plans that match the needs of your family. We believe that every funeral should be as unique as the person. So, we offer a wide range of services that can be customized in any way that you can imagine.

What is the Best Disposition?

Choosing the method for disposition might be one of the most important decisions that need to be addressed. Many families stick with a traditional funeral because that is the way things have been handled throughout the generations. But, there are benefits to other disposition options as well. If you choose cremation instead, you will see that there are many choices regarding the way the body is laid to rest.

If you choose burial, then you need to talk to our team about the burial options that can be used to customize the event. Not only do you need to consider the big details, such as a graveside service or the location of the cemetery plot. But, you can look at smaller details, such as serving the person’s favorite ice cream or releasing balloons when everyone is in the cemetery.

With a burial, you need to think about the memorial that will be placed at the grave. For example, the headstone can be customized with pictures or a message as requested by the family. You can also choose the type of casket that will be used for the burial.

Cremations can be done in conjunction with a traditional funeral, and you can also have the ashes buried in a cemetery plot if you prefer. Or, you might choose cremation with a Celebration of Life. Another option is to have a direct cremation without a funeral service. Some families find it hard to have an event that is centered around death. So, they choose to skip the funeral and lay the ashes to rest with a scattering in a distant location.

The Right Focus for the Funeral

The details of the funeral don’t matter as much as the focus that you have in mind: the way you are celebrating the life that was lived. Are you incorporating details where you can show pictures, videos, and other memorabilia? Do you want to serve food that the person loved? Think about the preferences of the deceased so that you can choose the options that will create a perfect day for your family to enjoy.

Consider the unique details that can be used to create the beautiful day that your family will remember. You can work through the options, with the peace of mind to know that our team is supporting the details every step of the way.

We also provide pre-planning if you want to make your wishes known while you are still alive. Pre-planning is a great way to finalize your funeral requests, save money, and reduce the stress on your loved ones after you are gone.

Do you need assistance with funeral or cremation planning in Weslaco, TX? You need to talk to McCaleb Funeral Home to learn more about your options. Our funeral home is located at 900 W. 4th St., Weslaco, TX. 78596. We also offer the Sacred Park Cemetery nearby to accommodate your preferences as desired. Call if you have questions about the services that are available at our funeral home: (956) 968-7533


Funeral and Cremation FAQs

  • Why do we need an obituary notice?
    • An obituary notice serves to celebrate the life of a loved one. They’re also nice for friends and family of the deceased, as they detail the many memories and stories of a person’s life. Publishing an obituary can also help take some of the burden of having to notify many people about funeral details off your plate.  Check out our obituary listings in here.
  • What type of service should I get?
    • You have the utmost control in deciding the service you want. The cemetery counselor and the funeral director are there to help you understand all the options available so that you can plan a service that is truly personalized and tailored to your loved one. Check out the services that we offer in here.
  • Is cremation a substitute for a funeral?
    • Cremation is an alternative form of final disposition, but it can and frequently does still follow a funeral service. Our cemetery also offers green options such as scattering ashes around our lush, beautiful grounds. We can assist you with the necessary information about cremation, including the details of several wonderful cremation burial options or ash scattering, if this is an avenue you wish to explore. Learn more about our cremation services in here.

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