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Benefits of Pre-Planning for Cremations and Funeral Home Services in La Feria, TX

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It might sound like a depressing idea to plan your funeral while you are alive. But, there are beautiful benefits of pre-planning. These services are designed to give you peace of mind to know that everything will go according to plan after you are gone. If you are interested in learning more about funeral home services and cremations in La Feria, TX, then you need to schedule a consultation with our team.

At McCaleb Funeral Home, we offer immediate funeral services and pre-planning options. Our goal is to cater the services to match the needs of your family. So, we are always here to answer your questions and offer the support that you need every step of the way. Here are a few things that you need to know about pre-planning:

Funeral Pre-Planning Reduces the Stress on Family Members

The biggest benefit of pre-planning is that you can reduce the stress that is left on the family after you are gone. When someone passes away, the family is working through the grief while trying to put together the details of the event. It can be a challenge to deal with the sadness and make decisions at the same time. As a result, it is common for emotions to affect the decisions, resulting in higher costs.

Your family needs time to spend together while dealing with the loss, rather than trying to work through the grief and plan the event at the same time. So, pre-planning means that your loved ones won’t need to carry the burden and stress after you are gone. They will be relieved to know that you already took care of the details for the day.

Pre-Planning for the Financial Benefits

Also, consider the stress that comes from paying the bill for the funeral. Your family members might be left with a financial burden because of the cost of the funeral. Not only are they sad to lose someone that they love, but they are also worried about covering the finances that need to be addressed. Emotional decisions often lead to overspending, resulting in a high bill for the event.

Pre-planning gives you the option to lock in current prices. You can reduce the overall costs for the day by paying for the services right now. We offer options for a payment plan. Or, you can arrange an assignment of an existing life insurance policy to pay for the funeral.

It is important that you think about the costs of the funeral so that you can maximize the inheritance money that is available for your loved ones. You can protect your finances by paying for the services right now. Then, your family members won’t need to worry about the costs in the future.

A Funeral According to Your Wishes

What are your desires for the day of the funeral? Many families are left in a situation where they need to guess the details because they are unsure about the requests of the loved one. Instead of leaving your family in a situation where they need to guess your requests, you should make your desires known.

Pre-planning gives you the flexibility to customize your funeral. For example, you might choose cremation services instead of a traditional burial. Or, you could request to have a Celebration of Life in your favorite location.

You can choose as many details as you desire. Pre-planning often addresses the location of the services, as well as the music, food, disposition choice, and the final resting place. Talk to our team of funeral professionals at funeral home La Feria TX for assistance in picking the details that will support the needs of your family. We are always available to answer your questions. You can start the pre-planning process right now, and then take the time that you need to finalize the arrangements. 

When is a Good Time for Pre-Planning?

How long should you wait before you start a funeral plan? There is no reason to delay! You can’t predict the time when your funeral will be scheduled, so it makes sense to have your plan in place in case anything happens. Pre-planning doesn’t mean that you are expecting an early funeral. Instead, it is a proactive way to ensure that you are prepared for the day.

Whether you anticipate that a funeral will be scheduled soon or you are still in great health, we are always here to answer your questions. You can talk with our team to arrange the details. We will keep this information on file, ensuring that your requests will be met after you are gone.

For more information about pre-planning funerals or cremations in La Feria, TX, you need to talk to us at McCaleb Funeral Home. We offer convenient funeral home facilities at 900 W. 4th St., Weslaco, TX. 78596. Call if you need help with pre-planning or immediate funeral services: (956) 968-7533


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