Immediate Need

When a loved one passes

You have come to the right place, at McCaleb Funeral Home, we understand your needs and will hold your hand along the way, allowing you time to grieve, honor and remember your loved one. If you have not already called to schedule a meeting, please contact us anytime at 956-968-7533. To see what others have said about us, click here.

Please review some examples below for guidance on your next steps. We also make it easy to contact us, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whichever method you prefer, and we will answer any questions or concerns.

Thank you for calling upon McCaleb during this difficult time of your life. We consider it an honor and privilege to care for you and your family.


Fill out the form below and someone will contact you right away.

If you prefer, you may live chat with a staff member here: LIVE CHAT

What to do when…

My loved one has passed away at home and is not under hospice care.
First, call 911 and wait for paramedics or JP to arrive. You can call us after if you would like, so we can come sooner, or you can wait for authorities, and they will call to arrange a time.

My loved one has passed away at home and is under hospice care.
Call hospice nurse, he or she will call the funeral home to arrange a time for our arrival.

My loved one passed away at a hospital locally or out of the area.
In either case, the hospital will ask you to choose a funeral home and we will arrange for transportation wherever your loved one is.

My loved one has been in an accident, and I am not sure who to call.
This is a very stressful time, and we will help you every step of the way. Most likely, your loved one has been transferred to the county morgue, and they are open during regular business hours. You can call us at 956-968-7533, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will arrange to meet with you at your home or ours. There are required documents that we will prepare to ensure secure, compassionate, and timely transfer into our care.

Final steps…

Once you have followed one of the steps above, we will contact you and arrange to visit with you about your loved one’s wishes. We will make all necessary arrangements for you, including reaching a cemetery, veteran’s cemetery, church, pastor, social security, the filing of death certificates, insurance assignments, death notices and anything else you may need.

We will write an obituary in honor of your loved one and place it on our website, and in any other media, you would like.

Your loved one is special. Together, we will create a meaningful celebration of life that would fit your loved one’s personality and allow friends and family much-needed closure that will allow a peaceful transition to a new chapter. Your loved one will always be remembered, the chapter will just begin new, with all of the memories secure.

Once the celebration has ended, rest assured, our care does not stop. We offer grief support through our home, along with many local participants.

If you have not already called to schedule a visit, please contact us at 956-968-7533.

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