What Is a Cremation Vault, and Why Might You Need to Use One?

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With more Americans choosing cremations over burials than ever before, people know a lot more about La Feria, TX cremations than they used to. They understand how the cremation process works, what they can (and can’t!) do with a person’s remains, and why some people prefer cremation these days.

But people still don’t know everything about cremations. For example, there are many families that are unfamiliar with what a cremation vault is and what purpose it serves. If you fall into this category, you should learn more about cremation vaults prior to planning out cremation services for a loved one. Here is some more information on cremation vaults.

What is a cremation vault?

A cremation vault is, as its name would suggest, a vault that is designed to hold an urn containing a person’s remains. Cremation vaults are often used by those families who choose to bury their loved one’s cremated remains in a cemetery following cremation services in La Feria, TX. The vaults are designed to protect an urn from the weight of all the dirt that surrounds it as well as any maintenance equipment that drives over top of it. Additionally, cremation vaults stop the earth around them from settling and affecting the appearance of a cemetery.

What is it made out of?

Cremation vaults come in all different shapes and sizes. They’re also made with a wide range of different materials. But generally speaking, most cremation vaults consist of concrete and one of any number of lining materials. The most common lining materials are stainless steel, bronze, copper, and plastic. The materials used give a cremation vault its strength and allow it to stand up to anything.

Why is it important?

When you bury your loved one’s cremated remains in a cemetery, you want to know that they won’t be disturbed under any circumstances. But they could be disturbed if you don’t place them into an urn that is then placed inside a cremation vault. The weight of the earth could end up damaging an urn if it’s buried alone, which could result in problems for your loved one’s remains. It’s better to be safe than sorry and invest in a cremation vault that can house the urn with your loved one’s remains in it.

Do I need one?

Depending on where you’re planning on burying your loved one’s cremated remains, you may be required to purchase a cremation vault to do it. Most cemeteries make cremation vaults mandatory because they help to keep their grounds in tip-top condition. Check with the cemetery that you’re going to be using to see if you’ll need to use a cremation vault for your loved one’s remains.

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